Pay Attention to Obsessive Dog Scooting

Pay Attention to Obsessive Dog Scooting

Does this look familiar?…  If so, your dog is most likely trying to get some relief from the pressure of fluid build up in his/her anal glands or pouches. 

I noticed that Tatum was expressing this very unladylike behavior on a regular basis, scooting around on the carpet on a daily basis.  After inquiring with friends, and ultimately my Vet, I learned that she was giving me signs of discomfort.  Poor thing was filled to the rim with fluid originally used as a defense mechanism, and to mark territory in the wild.  As dogs evolved over the years, they no longer need to spread their pungent scent in the wild.  Like Tatum, most of your dogs live in warm, comfortable homes, therefore this fluid can often build up over time since it’s not being used.

Once I realized this was the case, I took Tatum to the Vet for the simple procedure — have her anal glands emptied.  It’s cheap (cost to me – $14) and quick.  There are ways to do this on your own, but if you’re anything like me you’d rather not go there!

It’s important to keep an eye on your dogs behavior, pay attention to signs of scooting and/or rubbing.  Not only is this uncomfortable for your dog, but it can also lead to serious infection.  Check out this website for more detailed information…

Tatum got her quick fix.  She’s very much relieved, and of course we drove straight to the trails to run and swim, in hopes that she’d forget about what just happened at the Vet’s office!

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