My Hero Dog, Tatum

My Hero Dog, Tatum

Trail Dog Treats is a proud contributor of “A Sheltered Life” Magazine, published by DNJ Books.

DNJ is dedicated to publishing books that promote and encourage the welfare of animals. With that, A Sheltered Life magazine is Colorado’s only magazine dedicated to raising money for homeless animals. The magazine is published twice a year. They are given away for free to rescues and shelters throughout Colorado. Each magazine is a $2.00 donation, and every edition published can raise over $20,000 for homeless animals. 100% of the profits stays within each rescue and shelter to help care for their animals, until every animal has found their “forever home”.

The Spring/Summer edition is coming soon, the theme is “Hero Dogs”. Inside you’ll find beautiful stories about hero dogs everywhere, helping humans every day! Thanks to Elaine Marlier, A Sheltered Life Magazine for the opportunity to share my story of my hero. 🙂 Click below for your reading enjoyment…

My Hero Dog, Tatum

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