Labs Labs Everywhere!

Labs Labs Everywhere!

Sunday hike with the three musketeers!

This week’s visitors include Bowser and Peachy, two loving Labs who were very excited to hit the trails with me and Tatum.  We made our way up the snow packed and somewhat icy trail to Maxwell Falls in Evergreen; a moderate and beautiful hike.  The Yak Tracks came in handy to avoid slipping and sliding along the way… easy to carry and a staple in my pack.

Cracking through the thin ice that covered the brook along the way, the dogs enjoyed fresh water whenever they needed to hydrate.  Very important for dogs to stay hydrated, even in the winter.  As I read in an old issue of Just Labs magazine, it’s important for your dogs to drink lots of water on long hikes, even in the winter.  Snow isn’t a substitute for the real thing, so be sure to pack water for the pups or take advantage of natural running spring water!

Treat of choice: Crispy Granola Balls — yum!!

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