Human Grade Ingredients ONLY

Human Grade Ingredients ONLY

Human Grade means that all of the ingredients used to make our treats can be eaten by animals and humans alike. By using only human grade ingredients and no added preservatives, we ensure our dogs are snacking on the highest quality foods with real ingredients. Our treats are produced in kitchens set up for human food production.


There are many pet treat products on the market made with low grade animal proteins. This low quality meat, which includes chicken meal and poultry meal, has not been approved by the USDA for many reasons, including animal health. We do not use any meat in our treats, so you can be sure you’re getting only the best vegetarian snack option. Since protein is a very important part of a healthy, balanced canine diet, we add proteins to our treats in the form of Peanut Butter, Sunflower Seeds, and Granola. Just like human snack bars, our dog treats are nutritionally balanced to provide fuel for regular activity and good energy!

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Trail Dog Treats believes that if it’s not good enough for me to eat,
it’s not good enough for a dog to eat!



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