Howling Hounds Happy Hour

Howling Hounds Happy Hour

We all love a good happy hour!  Active trail dogs do too!  With Trail Dog Treats on hand, you too can host your favorite hounds for tasty snacks and bowls of ice cold water to wash it all down. 

Tatum recently invited over a few of her furry friends for happy hour…  Bowser, Peachy, Lucy, and Cooper.  Not only are play dates important for socialization, but more importantly it’s a great way for Tatum and gang to blow off some steam!  These gatherings also for me to have a break in my day, with free time to work in the kitchen and bake up new recipe ideas.

Favorite happy hour treats include savory and zesty ingredients like cheese, garlic, and beef… available in mini squares, crackers, and bone shaped treats.

Another successful happy hour with Tatum!  The sign of a good play date…


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