Happy Holidays Across the Miles

Happy Holidays Across the Miles

I recently returned from my holiday travel ritual of planes, trains and automobiles…Flight from Denver to NYC, cab to train station, train to Connecticut, arrival at the family home, priceless!

 Greeted by my parent’s big lug for a yellow lab, Denver, I settle in for a few days of peace and quiet. Christmas eve at mom & dad’s house complete with a visit from my brother, Brad and his family… quite the entertaining scene watching my 2-year old nephew remove the dog toys from the toy box, one by one to give to Denver. Then return each and every toy to Denver’s toy box when he was told it was time to clean up. The day was a hit with ball tossing, dog chasing, gift opening, and lots of good eats.



After a couple of days of quality family time in CT and visits with childhood friends, it was time to head back to the city for part II visit with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. Brad & I trekked across town to Soho to visit pet boutiques and check out the NYC doggie scene. I was amazed at the number of dog shops, pet stores, groomers, etc. Definitely a dog friendly city!

I was curious to learn more about dog friendly cities across the U.S. in order to put together a strategic plan for treat sample disbursement. Much to my surprise, Denver (or any other city in CO) was not mentioned on the list of the top ten dog friendly cities. Here’s the list…

1. Portland, OR
2. Chicago
3. San Diego
4. Seattle
5. Philadelphia
6. Minneapolis
7. Austin
8. Alexandria/Washington D.C.
9. New York
10. Indianapolis

Hope you and your four legged friend are lucky enough to live in a dog-friendly location. If you do have a favorite pet store in your neighborhood and would like us to send them treat samples, please let us know. We rely on our customers to help us grow and thank you for spreading the TDT word!

Wishing you & your furry ones a very happy new year!

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