Flowers Blooming ~ Treats Baking

Flowers Blooming ~ Treats Baking

Spring is in full bloom and the Trail Dog Treats kitchen is alive and bustling! 


With a total of 8 doggie events and 4 human race events on the calendar, Tatum and I are busy planning, prepping and training.  From passing out free samples at the Barkin’ Dog Duathlon @ Cherry Creek Reservoir, to running the Canine Classic in Boulder, we’ll be enjoying active weekends filled with fun!  We’re excited to be a 2nd year sponsor at the Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue 5k event and run the race with our fellow Labrador friends, and looking forward to a day with Mountain Dog Sports to take part in the NADAC agility trials.

    These type of events offer the perfect combination of dogs and their people socializing and exercising.  Not to mention a contribution to some wonderful animal welfare causes!  So throw on your running shoes and check out dog walking and running races in your area,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Our Spring activities are a great way to gear up for the main event this summer…   the HUNI Farmer’s Market!  If you live in Denver or plan to visit our beautiful city, please come visit us in the Lower Highlands neighborhood (LoHi; as the locals would say) every Saturday, June – October for fresh baked treats!

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