Exploring Alternative Treatment Options for Dog Arthritis

Exploring Alternative Treatment Options for Dog Arthritis

Neuromodulation Technique is a comprehensive and effective in treating physical ailments, and emotional ailments manifesting in the physical body. NMT embraces the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit and systematically incorporates these concepts into healing for humans and animals.

Neuromodulation Technique treats virtually all forms of illness which are provoked by faults in the function of the autonomic nervous system including allergies and arthritis; my dog, Tatum’s main health issue.  I brought her in to see an NMT specialist to help heal her shoulder, after a Vet diagnosed her with arthritis.  The arthritis in her shoulder causes her to limp after exercise.  As a believer in alternative medicine and advocate for non-traditional forms of health treatment, I couldn’t help but think this is the way to go to help Tatum with her arthritis.  Our first appt with Dr. Gail Smithson was interesting and encouraging.  I was totally thrown for a loop when Gail took my wrist and starting tapping on it.  Tatum laid down between us, alert, but calm, almost like she knew why we were there.  I sat in awe as I listened to the Doctor blurt our words, phrases, numbers, fingers tapping in a variety of patterns on my wrist, while typing on the computer.  It was all very forgein to me, but sat there watching closely, acting as the vessel in Tatum’s treatment.

The formal description of Neuromodulation Technique can be explained as follows:  “NMT accesses and assesses the autonomic control system (A through muscle response testing, utilizing verbal and/or non-verbal semantic questions and statements. The ACS is then instructed to make modifications with a combination of verbal and/or non-verbal corrective commands and statements. This process is further augmented and reinforced with gentle stimulation of vertebral segments (tapping on the spine), specific breathing patterns, and other sensory stimuli. It is based upon widely accepted neurophysiologic models.”  If you’re like me, seeing is believing.  It took a hands on approach to get a better feel for the treatment and how it can benefit Tatum.

From what I learned through this process and further research, NMT is used to cause the body to recognize external toxins, or chemicals that mimic body hormones, and to instruct the body to purge these harmful substances from the body.  Ultimately, NMT can correct the errors that cause arthritis.  After two sessions, I’ve decided to continue on with Tatum’s treatment.  I realize it will take some time for her limp to go away, but feel we’re on the right track exploring an alternative to traditional medicine and/or surgery.


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