A little more about us…

A little more about us…
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Local entrepreneur expands dog treat business into Whole Foods Market

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Nancy Thompson has always led an active lifestyle. When her dog Tatum came into her life, the dynamic duo began taking daily hikes outside of Denver during which Tatum loved sharing Thompson’s human food. When she decided that Tatum needed her very own healthy treats, they mixed and tasted until they had created a whole line line of homemade biscuits, and Trail Dog Treats was born. Thompson is proud to announce that their line of all natural dog treats is now available in three Whole Foods Market stores on Colorado’s Front Range. Dog owners can now purchase the delectable treats in Boulder at the Whole Foods on Pearl Street and Ideal Market on Alpine Avenue, and in Lakewood at the Whole Foods on Wadsworth in Belmar Shopping District. Made with all natural, human-grade ingredients, the wheat free, soy free and dairy free treats are perfect dietary complements for dogs with food allergies or digestive problems. Some owners find that their pets simply have discerning taste and prefer the natural treats to other options. “I talk to owners everyday who struggle finding treats for their dogs with dietary restrictions, or at least ones that their dog actually enjoys eating.” says, Thompson who launched the business in 2009, “This expanded retail availability in a nationally known brand is a great opportunity for me introduce this product to a new audience and provide another option for these dog owners.” The popular treats were previously only available in small local pet stores, farmer’s markets and online. Thompson attributes her success to her strong brand presence which includes her ability to relate directly to dogs owners at the many dog related events she attends around Colorado. She thrives on visiting with her customers—canine and human alike— at her neighborhood Farmer’s market and hearing their stories. The pups are able to sample the treats directly and their owners can touch, feel and smell the products. Her number one client is a black lab who had knee reconstruction and was on a limited diet due to cancer treatments. Her owner became a very loyal customer and even hired Nancy to make a birthday cake for him with his favorite ingredients. The Labrador has since recovered and is happy, healthy and active. Trail Dog Treats currently offers four flavors, Sunshine Peak Treat, Rocky Mountain Crunch Ball, Eldorado Energy Cookie and Red Rocks Scone Bone. Each flavor can be purchased separately or as part of a variety pack. The small bags of “Tatum’s Trail Mix” are a delicious blend of the four flavors, crumbled into small pieces, great for hiking and for small dog breeds. The availability of flavors will vary between each Whole Foods Stores.
For more information and current retail locations, visit www.traildogstreats.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/traildogtreats.


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